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Press for Beautiful Illusions (2020)

Melinda Joy, “Beautiful Illusions.” A bassist and singer-songwriter who moved to Austin from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Joy made her first album in 15 years at Tomorrow Studios with engineer Jason Mabry and a band that included guitarist Michael Walker, percussionists Mich Schreiber and Wiley Koepp, and multi-instrumentalist JT Martin. 

- Peter Blackstock, Austin-American Statesman /, June 26, 2020:


Press for Unbound (2004), with my previous band, M.J. Baby & The Last Word:

Hurricane Katrina was a lovely mess that changed the DNA of New Orleans. The diaspora of its musicians to the neighboring state of Texas was remarkable and not without benefit. MJ Baby and The Last Word is such a band that made the trek. Since their arrival in Austin, singer Melinda Rothouse and guitarist Matthew DeOrazio have refined their bluesy, roots rock sound, which has created a buzz on some of Austin's most notable stages. Rothouse's sultry pipes paired with DeOrazio's howling guitar have made MJ Baby a powerful live act. 

- Gabe Gomez, music journalist, Santa Fe Reporter

M.J. Baby & the Last Word pour their heart and soul into every song! This cd is a must have for every blues/rock fan...The song, "Cold Town," is an amazing blend of vocals and harmony which fully exude a phenomenal blues sound! WOW! This one takes the listener to another place. I was imagining myself sitting at a cafe in New Orleans sipping a cool drink.

- Georgia Moncrief, GoGirls Music

M.J. Baby & The Last Word brings soulful roots-rock with more jazz appeal than most "rock" bands today can truthfully dish out. M.J. Baby & the Last Word's latest release, Unbound, kicks off with a powerful punch with "Shades of Brown," one of the album's more rock-oriented tracks, rich with doses of funk. The second track, "Insomnia" has an island groove highlighted by a jazzy guitar and haunting vocals, while the sixth number, "Cold Town," is satiated in the Blues. One of my favorite M.J. Baby tunes is the last number, "Gratitude," with its simple beauty, a steady marching beat and more melody from Rothouse's vocals. Unbound's twelve emotional-charged tracks will leave listeners with a lasting impression...

- Kristi Singer, music journalist

Melinda Joy is based in Austin, TX.

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