This presentation shares the creative journey of The Syncreate Podcast, from its ideation and development to how it's evolved over the past year. Creativity: It’s a word we throw around all the time, but what does it really mean? How do we define creativity, and how do we understand the creative process itself? At Syncreate, we see creativity very broadly. Humans, by our very nature, are creative beings. We adapt. We problem solve. We innovate. And to be creative is to bring together aspects of our emotional, psychological, and spiritual selves. I’m Melinda Rothouse, PhD, the creator and host of the Syncreate Podcast. On the show, I share stories of the creative journey. I talk to changemakers and visionaries and everyday creatives working in a wide array of fields and disciplines. Our goal is to explore creativity in all its facets, and to gain a better understanding of the creative process – from imagination to innovation and everything in between. We talk about surprising sources of inspiration. We consider the physical nature of creativity and how it lives in our bodies. We look at how we can use creativity to steward change for ourselves and others. And we explore what it feels like to be infused with creativity.